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Basics of the B&W Darkroom in a Weekend —

2-Day Class
Saturday & Sunday, June 29 & 30, 2024: 10am–4pm

DarkroomMany of us spend a good portion of our day staring at a computer monitor, whether it be for work or for fun. The darkroom can be a peaceful, relaxing, magical retreat from that.

We’re condensing the guts of a semester-long darkroom intro course into one fun-filled weekend. Here’s what we’ll cover :

  • Darkroom safety and equipment operation.
  • Films, papers, and chemistry.
  • Film processing and contact sheets.
  • Printing with contrast filters.
  • Localized exposure control with burning and dodging.
  • Demonstration of print toning.

This class is highly recommended for those people without prior darkroom experience who would like to rent our darkroom and for those who just want a taste of the darkroom without enrolling in an expensive semester-long course. Participants should have the use of a film camera, and are asked to bring at least one roll of exposed black-and-white film to class. This should be traditional black-and-white film and should not be designated as “C-41 Process.” If you need guidance in operating your film camera, please consider enrolling in our inexpensive 90-minute film camera class on the weekend preceding this darkroom class.

Class fee includes one package of 8×10 paper (25 sheets) and one month of darkroom use at course conclusion at the member rate of $5 per hour plus chemistry. Film is not included.

Non-members: $250.00
PhotoSynthesis Classic Member: $225.00
Burnside Darkroom Collective Member: $212.50
Course Enrollment: 2–3
Instructor: Chris Huestis

Please review our Workshops Policy.

Contact us if you prefer to pay in person.

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