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Restoration & Retouching

Scans of old film and photos often need computer restoration to look their best. Newer images may need retouching to remove blemishes, red eye, etc. Bring new life back to your old family photos. All restorations include necessary scanning or photographing the original piece. You will receive the restored copy on a CD. Prints are available separately.

Here are some of the problems we can digitally address:

  • Faded image
  • Color loss or color cast
  • Loss of contrast
  • Dust spots and stains
  • Cracks and tears
  • Missing pieces
  • Crop as requested
  • Add color to a black and white photo
Digital Restoration & Retouching: By estimate only. Starting at $40

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Some Samples of Our Restorations


Retouch Sample 2

Retouch Sample 5

Retouch Sample 4

Retouch sample 3Retouch Sample