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PhotoSynthesis offers workshops in a variety of photographic disciplines, with an emphasis on historical processes. Most of our workshops are capped at six participants, so you can be sure to have the best learning experience possible. PhotoSynthesis Classic Members receive a 10% discount on all workshops and Burnside Darkroom Collective Members receive a 15% discount. Please consult our membership page for more information.

For those who prefer one-on-one instruction, please contact us to arrange for private sessions. Pricing details for Tutoring & Consultation can be found here.

Please consult our Workshops Policy.

Upcoming Workshops

Basics of the B&W Darkroom:  February 17 & 18, 2024: 10am–4pm

Many of us spend a good portion of our day staring at a computer monitor, whether it be for work or for fun. The darkroom can be a peaceful, relaxing, magical retreat from that. We’re condensing the guts of a semester-long darkroom intro course into one fun-filled weekend.

Digital Negative Curve Demonstration: April 12, 2024: 5:30–7:30pm

This is a recommended but optional demonstration for Ziatype workshop participants. People not enrolled in the Ziatype workshop who would like to learn the steps for creating a dedicated curve to use in conjunction with alternative processes are also welcome.

Ziatype: April 13, 2024: 10am–4pm

Ziatype, a modern alt process perfected in 1980 by Richard Sullivan, uses hand-painted emulsion and UV light to create a photographic image. The Ziatype process uses the “noble metal” palladium resulting in archival prints that yield a tonal range greater than traditional black and white papers. Additionally, Ziatype chemistry can be adjusted to create varying hues from warm brown-black to cool grey-violet.

From Concept to Creation: Making Personally Meaningful Photographs: May 4, 2024: 10am–4pm & May 5, 2024: 9am–5pm

This is an immersive workshop that takes you on a creative journey to discover and define your unique photographic style. The focus will be on photography as a fine art and a form of self-expression. You will explore personal perspectives through guided writing sessions, introspective exercises, and group discussions. The workshop will culminate in a hands-on photography session where you will craft an image that represents your photographic style. The objective of this workshop is for you to cultivate a personally meaningful visual narrative and to learn methods for sustaining a creative photographic practice.

Photography on a Shoestring: May 18, 2024: 9am–5pm

In this workshop, we will explore film photography on a shoestring budget. Participants will learn how to build a large format camera out of household materials and how to process film using kitchen ingredients. We will also discuss options for printing negatives that do not require a formal photo lab. At the conclusion of this workshop, students will come away with a handmade camera and an understanding of how to process and print analog photographs on a budget.

Photographic Processes in Nature (on Location): June 1, 2024: 10am–4pm

This workshop is for photographers of all levels who are interested in using objects from nature and basic photographic materials to create cameraless photographic images that are a reflection of the environment in which they were made.

An Evening of Encaustics — Summer Solstice Celebration: Thursday, June 20, 2024: 5–9pm

Come celebrate the Summer Solstice with a social evening of cocktails and art!

The Kallitype: Saturday, October 19, 2024: 10am–6pm

The Kallitype is an iron-silver process patented in 1889. Taken from the Greek word “kalli,” which translates as “beautiful,” this process can produce prints that vary from sepia, to brown, to a warm black. The long tonal range and color of Kallitype prints are similar to that of a platinum/palladium print but are less costly to produce.