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Fine Art Inkjet Printing

We can print from CDs, DVDs, portable drives, emailed files, and all popular media card types. We can also scan prints and all film sizes up to 8×10. This will incur an additional scanning charge.

You can bring us an unedited image file, but please keep in mind that all art, including photography, is largely subjective, and so your vision of the final print may not be accurately portrayed by our output, as good as it may be. It is for this reason that we prefer files ready to print as follows:

  • Any image file – TIFF, JPEG, PSD, etc.
  • RGB color mode, 8 bit or 16 bit. We pefer to work in the Adobe RGB (1998) Working Space and will convert the files as necessary.
  • Resolution of 300 PPI – 360 PPI, sized at final print size desired.
  • There will generally be a ¼” – ½” border. Please let us know if you prefer a borderless print or specific border widths.
  • We strongly recommend editing your images on a calibrated and profiled monitor. Images that look great on an uncalibrated monitor probably won’t look the same when printed. Ask us for recommendations.

Our printers utilize high definition archival pigment color inks. We offer numerous paper selections for your prints, preferring not to limit your options to two or three, and are regularly adding to our available papers. We generally have a selection of matte, rag, luster, and glossy papers on hand. Others may need to be ordered. Please call, check our lab posting, or check our website for current offerings. We will also consider requests for specific media that we don’t currently stock.

The following is a general guideline to our fine art inkjet pricing:

We charge by the square foot, which is image size plus requested borders. There is a 1 S/F minimum charge per image, with the exception of 8×10 and smaller prints on certain papers.

To determine S/F: S/F = (Width in inches x Height in inches) ÷ 144

Red River Matte, Satin, Glossy Papers
Small prints on these papers only (priced per print): 8x10=$8 5x7=$4.00 4x6=$2.00
Pictorico and Inkpress Transparency Films (Digital Negs) $14
Red River Aurora Art White 300, Aurora Art Natural 300 $18
Hahnemühle Photo Rag Matte 308, German Etching, Torchon, Turner, Bamboo, Canvas $22
Hahnemühle Photo Rag Satin, Photo Rag Duo, Museum Etching $24
Protective Spray application helps shield your prints from moisture and UV light. $3 S/F
Deckled Edges: Hand-torn paper for something a little different. Priced per print. $3

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