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Enlarger Repairs & Camera Checks

We offer repairs of Beseler enlargers and a check and clean service of most manual film cameras. Enlargers are repaired in-house or on-site. We do not currently offer camera repair services.

Beseler Enlarger Repairs: Standard service on most Beseler enlargers includes cleaning, lubrication, alignment, and most mechanical repairs. Electrical and motor repairs require an estimate. Parts and travel time are additional. $95 per enlarger
School & Organization Beseler Enlarger Repairs: This option is best for multi-enlarger darkrooms. Enlargers are repaired and aligned as needed. Service is billed on an hourly basis with a 2-hour minimum charge. Parts and travel time are additional. $95 per hour
Camera Check & Clean: A general check and clean of your film camera. Not an extensive internal cleaning or lubrication. $30

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