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Terms of Service

Typographical Errors: We make every effort to check the accuracy of information on our website and in our printed literature, but occasional errors may occur. We can not be responsible for typographical errors of any nature.

Pricing: Prices are current as of January 1, 2023, but are subject to change without notice.

Service Time: We are able to turn most work around within a few days. Some work may take longer to complete due to lab volume, size of the job and degree of involvement, materials availability, holiday, or other factor. We make every effort to complete all jobs in the shortest time possible, but will not sacrifice quality for speed. Please let us know of any deadlines you may have when you deliver your work so that we can plan accordingly.

Copyright: Copyright laws can be confusing. PhotoSynthesis respects the right of photographers to be the sole owners of the images they have created, and will use various methods to determine ownership. We will not copy, reproduce, or in any way alter any image that has an obvious copyright, be it a studio stamp, photographer’s name, or any symbol or other mark of copyright, without the written consent of the proper owner. In the case of no obvious copyright, but where copyright is in question, you will be asked to sign a form indicating that you are the photographer or copyright owner, or have authorization to copy. By submitting these materials to PhotoSynthesis, you agree to defend and indemnify us against all costs associated with copyright infringement.

Limit of Liability: Submitting any film, print, artwork, or other material to PhotoSynthesis for processing, printing, or other handling constitutes an agreement by you that any damage or loss by our company or agents will entitle you only to replacement with a similar kind and amount of unused materials and appropriate processing. Except for such replacement, the acceptance of your materials by us is without other warranty or liability. Likewise, in the event any camera or other equipment left with us for servicing is lost or irreparably damaged by our company or agents, you will be entitled only to replacement with equipment of similar type and condition or, at our discretion, to fair replacement value. We will not be responsible for materials left over 90 days.