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Custom-Cut Frame Mouldings

We offer metal and wood mouldings in various profiles and finishes. All mouldings are cut to your size specifications and are priced by the linear foot, plus profile width allowances. Please stop by the studio to check out our options and to receive a quote.

Custom-Cut Mats

We offer 4-ply mats in various grades cut to your specifications. Mat board is priced by the square foot and includes one window per mat. Additional windows incur an extra charge. Some colors or textures are also additional. We will give you a quote as necessary.
Priced per square foot, with a 2 S/F minimum charge per mat.

Standard: Decorative matboard in a variety of colors. Buffered to an alkaline pH. $5
Conservation: High-alpha cellulose purified wood pulp. Buffered. A balance of quality and value. $8
Rag: 100% cotton rag. Buffered. Acid and lignin-free. $10
Additional Windows: Multiple window mats are charged for extra cuts. $5
6-Ply & 8-Ply Mats: There are a number of options available in these thicker mats. Please Inquire
Specialty Mats: Linens, silks, suedes, and other fabrics Please Inquire

Print Mounting

Using pressure and heat, we can dry mount your photograph or artwork to a variety of substrates. Dry mounting keeps the art absolutely flat, which can make it more visually pleasing than other mounting methods. Dry mounting should be considered permanent. We will not dry mount irreplaceable works of art.
Priced per square foot, with a 2 S/F minimum charge per mount.

2-Ply Board $8
4-Ply Board, 3/16" Acid-Free Foam $12
3/16" Gator, 3/16" Masonite, 1/2" Foam $14
1/2" Gator $16
3/16" Heat-Activated Foam $8
3mm Omega-Bond $22

Picture Glass

We cut glass to size as is applicable for your framing needs. Things to consider when choosing glass include display environment, size and strength of frame moulding, conservation needs, and transportability.
Priced per square foot with a 1 S/F minimum charge per frame.

Regular Glass: Reduced green tint. Economical and suitable for most applications. $7
Premium Glass: Similar to regular glass, but 25% thicker. $8
Conservation Glass: Blocks 99% of harmful UV light. A balance of quality and value. $12
UltraVue Glass: Optically coated water white glass. Low-reflectance, true color, 70% UV protection. $18
Museum Glass: The finest glass available. Anti-reflection, tru color, 99% UV protection. $30
Acrylic: Lightweight, durable, and generally visually indistinguishable from standard glass. Should be considered for thin mouldings and transportability. $12
We have many other choices in glazing. Please ask. We also offer mirror cut to size and beveled mirror in standard sizes.


Frame Fitting

Frame fitting includes assembly, appropriate backing, a dust seal for wood mouldings, and packaging for safe transport home. The fee is based on frame size and complexity.

Please ask about other options, including conservation materials, glass spacers, and canvas gallery wraps.

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