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Film & Print Scanning

We can scan 35mm, medium format, 4×5, and 8×10 film negatives and positives, as well as photographs and documents up to 8½x11. Color originals are scanned in 24-bit color. Black & white originals are scanned in 16-bit grayscale.

Originals are cleaned of surface dust prior to scanning. Scratches, embedded dirt, mold, mildew, and other damage may be apparent in the scan and will require further billable cleaning or digital restoration time if requested. Please inquire.

All scans are transferred to a CD or DVD, depending on storage space required. Scans are stored on our system for 14 days, after which time they will be permanently deleted. Please store your CD/DVD appropriately.

We offer three levels of scanning, depending on end use:

Scans for Output to Web: Saved as JPEG at requested output size up to 8x10 at 96PPI. $2
Scans for Output to Print: Saved as TIFF and JPEG at requested output size at 360PPI. Please consider the largest print you might make and request that output size. We can also scan original size at any resolution up to 4800PPI. $6
Fluid Mount Scans: These scans decrease the appearance of Newton rings, dust, and scratches, and increase the apparent resolution, d-max, and sharpness. Saved as TIFF and JPEG. Resolution: 35mm/120 at 6400PPI, 4x5 at 4800PPI, 8x10 at 2400PPI. 35mm=$12
Gold CD or DVD: Scans transferred to a 300-year archival gold CD or 100-year archival gold DVD. Priced in addition to scans. $10 Each Disk

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