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Now Showing at Gallery 136½

A Mystery and a Dream
Juror: Beverly Rayner

Copyright © Sara Silks

That dream was fraught
With a wild and waking thought
Of beings that have been
Which my spirit hath not seen.
A Mystery and a Dream.

Life presents us with things and situations that are difficult to explain. We don’t always understand or believe what our eyes show our conscious mind, and yet the imagery and stories our mind’s eye shows our subconscious often seem real. The lines are blurred. What is true and what is imagined? A mystery and a dream.

This is a juried exhibition of images that address the topics of mysteries and dreams, inspired perhaps by the writings of Edgar Allan Poe.

October 3—October 31, 2015




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Congratulations to the following artists with work that has been accepted into this exhibition:

  • Christian Bernal
  • Susan Bryant
  • Evelyn Burton
  • Renee Chevalier
  • Barbara Dombach
  • Ross Faircloth
  • Diane Fenster
  • Kathryn Frederick
  • Gennadiy Goldenshteyn
  • Sandra Graham
  • Jerry Grasso
  • Julie Hamel
  • Brett Henrikson
  • Jeff Holcombe
  • Bill Hughes
  • Kristy Joyce
  • Elina Julin
  • Fabien Lapouge
  • Nathan Lewis
  • Alexandra Nemeth
  • Travis Patterson
  • Laszlo Perlaky
  • Stephen Quinlan
  • Josh Raftery
  • James Rohan
  • Lawrence Russ
  • Sara Silks
  • Michael Simonds
  • Jane Soodalter
  • Marilyn Szabo
  • JP Terlizzi
  • Bruce Van Valen
  • Steve Veilleux
  • Christopher Velasco
  • Jennifer Weigel
  • Ashley Whitt
  • Ben Wyrick
  • David Zapatka