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Copyright © Jessica Somers

Copyright © Jessica Somers

Meditations On Being a Phoenix
Jessica Somers

The self-portraits in the series Meditations on Being a Phoenix use visual metaphors to relay the emotions and experiences from the artist’s life within a culture that participates in narrowly constructed ideals of what it means to be female, and considers how these constructs influence self-identity. The artwork combines photography with pigments and encaustic wax, which create surface marks that parallel the marks and impressions cultural expectations can make on an individual.

Funded in part by the Lesley University College of Art and Design Faculty Life and Development Committee.

May 2—May 30, 2015


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Copyright © Jill Enfield

What’s Old Is New Again:
Alternative Photographic Processes

Juror: Jill Enfield

Alternative processes are methods of photographic image-making that are non-commercial, non-practical, and non-mainstream by today’s standards. They typically involve mixing light-sensitive solutions, coating these onto paper or some other substrate, exposing this to light and most often in contact with a negative, and processing accordingly. Most of these processes were common at some point in history, but were supplanted by newer, “better” methods. “Alternative” and “historical” are generally used interchangeably, but there are alternative processes that have been around for a relatively short period of time though their roots are firmly based in historical formulas and procedures.

This is a juried exhibition of images made by various alternative/historical photographic processes.

June 13—July 11, 2015

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 13: 5–7pm

Congratulations to the following artist with work that has been accepted into this exhibit:

  • David Aimone
  • Francis Baker
  • Katarzyna Bojko-Szymczewska
  • Rachael Bowman
  • Marie M. Curtis
  • Christine Dalenta
  • Sandi Daniel
  • John Dearing
  • Amber Dietz
  • Mary Donato
  • Any Evans
  • Diane Fenster
  • Jonathon Flores
  • Mark Franklin
  • Sandy Hale
  • Karen Hillier
  • Michael Honegger
  • Hansika Jethnani
  • Marky Kauffmann
  • James Kipfer
  • Magda Kuca
  • John Long
  • James Mignogna
  • Nadezda Nikolova
  • Amy Parrish
  • R.J. Phil
  • Morgan Post
  • Beverly Rayner
  • Michelle Rogers Pritzl
  • James Rohan
  • Matel Rokke
  • John Sarsgard
  • Steve Sherman
  • Melanie Walker
  • Michael Weitzman
  • Jeanne Wells
  • James Wigger
  • Rebecca Zeiss

If you are an artist with work accepted into this exhibition, click here for further instructions.