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Vacation Notice

We’ll be closed on the following days for vacation:
June 28
July 2
July 14–18

Call for Entries

Out of the Blue: Explorations in Cyanotype
J Ferguson Poznan bird-Z 2012 pinhole cyanotype

© Jesseca Ferguson

Open to all photographers and artists working in the cyanotype process

Deadline: June 30, 2016
Juror: Jesseca Ferguson

The cyanotype was discovered by Sir John Herschel in 1842. Also known as the blueprint or ferroprussiate process, the cyanotype was one of many iron-based photographic processes developed in the early days of photography and, due to its relative simplicity, is often one of the first historical processes that people study.

We are seeking images made with the cyanotype process. These may be traditional cyanotypes on paper, cyanotypes printed on other materials or manipulated through toning, or mixed media pieces utilizing  the cyanotype process, as long as the cyanotype is prominent. Sculptural cyanotypes are welcome. Forty to fifty pieces will be chosen by the juror to be exhibited at Gallery 136½.

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