Past Exhibitions

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Past Exhibitions

Witching Hour: Imagery from Darkness
Juror: S. Gayle Stevens


© Kathryn Frederick

In October of 2014 we presented A Midnight Eerie. We followed that up last year with A Mystery and a Dream. This year, to continue a variation on a theme, we bring you Witching Hour: Imagery from Darkness.

Historically, the witching hour is that time of night when witches, ghosts, and supernatural beings are thought to be most active. The exact time varies depending on particular beliefs, but is generally considered to be some period of darkness between dusk and dawn. An everyday use of the term might define the witching hour simply as “after dark.”

This is a juried exhibition of photographic imagery that conveys interpretations of the witching hour.

October 15—November 12, 2016



© Christina Z. Anderson

Out of the Blue: Explorations in Cyanotype
Juror: Jesseca Ferguson

The cyanotype was discovered by Sir John Herschel in 1842. Also known as the blueprint or ferroprussiate process, the cyanotype was one of many iron-based photographic processes developed in the early days of photography and, due to its relative simplicity, is often one of the first historical processes that people study.

Though typically an image rendered on paper in various shades of blue, the cyanotype is a process that lends itself to adaptability and experimentation regarding substrates and color alterations through various toning techniques.

This is a juried exhibit showcasing the cyanotype process. These include traditional cyanotypes on paper, cyanotypes printed on other materials or manipulated through toning, and mixed media pieces utilizing the cyanotype process.

August 6—August 27, 2016


Memories Lost © Kristofor Dahl

© Kristofor Dahl

Portraits and Portrayals
Juror: Michelle Rogers Pritzl

Portraiture has been a popular genre of photography since the earliest days of the medium. We continue to be compelled by the photographic character studies of Nadar and Julia Margaret Cameron, the social portraits of Dorothea Lange and August Sander, and the conceptual self-portraits of Cindy Sherman. There are billions of unique people to photograph and an infinite number of ways in which to do so.

A photographic portrait can be more than just the delineated likeness of a person inscribed onto a light-sensitive medium. A well-made portrait presents the viewer with an invitation to study the psyche of an individual. We can understand many things about a person based on the facial expression, posture, gesture, wardrobe, and environment captured in a photograph. We are given an insight into the subject’s traits, personality, and character, and the opportunity to comprehend the truth of someone beyond everyday outward appearances.

This isn’t to say that a portrait must absolutely represent the sitter. By deliberate misrepresentation, the portrait can now portray something other than the person modeling. It can be a portrayal of something else—another person, as an actor portrays a character; a statement on the human condition; or a metaphor for something else entirely.

This is a juried exhibition of images that address the theme of portraits and portrayals.

April 15—May 14, 2016


© Jerry Grasso

© Jerry Grasso

Moorish Influences
Jerry Grasso

Jerry Grasso’s photography depicts the progression of the Moorish architectural influences from the Great Mosque at Córdoba to the final grandeur of Islamic art in the Alhambra, the magnificent palace/fortress of Granada.  Ordered repetition, radiating structures, and rhythmic, metric patterns form the basis of the architectural influences of Moorish history in southern Spain.

March 12—April 9, 2016






6th Annual Members’ Show

PhotoSynthesis showcases the work of many of our members in our sixth annual exhibition. Art makes a great gift.

6thmemfront_WSShowing PhotoSynthesis members include:

Patricia Balcom
Fred Bird
Harvey Bordett
Christine Breslin
Aaron Burleson
Susan Burns
Peter Crowley
Nicole Cudzilo
Joe Cunningham
Christine Dalenta
Mark Franklin
Michael Vaile Garner
Bill Georgian
Nancy Goodrich
Nelson Goodrich
Joseph Grunske
Sandy Hale
Jeff Holcombe
Christopher Huestis

Ken Koper
Julianna Kristoff
Martin Krucinski
Kristy Joyce
Connie Lowell
Matt May
Joe McCarthy
Jack McConnell
Chris Meredith
Gabriel Mindek
Benjamin Parker
Rick Popham
Cheryl Prevost
Anne Quinson
Lawrence Russ
Katie Russo
Frank Scalia
Kitty Schooley
Mike Selissen
Steve Sherman
Michael Simonds
Jordan F. Smith
Rudy Ternbach
Natalie van Sambeck
Steve Veilleux
Ken Ward
David Westlake
Bruce Williams

December 5, 2015—January 9, 2016


Copyright © Sara Silks

A Mystery and a Dream
Juror: Beverly Rayner

That dream was fraught
With a wild and waking thought
Of beings that have been
Which my spirit hath not seen.
A Mystery and a Dream.

Life presents us with things and situations that are difficult to explain. We don’t always understand or believe what our eyes show our conscious mind, and yet the imagery and stories our mind’s eye shows our subconscious often seem real. The lines are blurred. What is true and what is imagined? A mystery and a dream.

This is a juried exhibition of images that address the topics of mysteries and dreams, inspired perhaps by the writings of Edgar Allan Poe.

October 3—October 31, 2015


What’s Old Is New Again: Alternative Photographic Processes
Juror: Jill Enfield

Morgan Post_Contortionsist_webr

Copyright © Morgan Post

Alternative processes are methods of photographic image-making that are non-commercial, non-practical, and non-mainstream by today’s standards. They typically involve mixing light-sensitive solutions, coating these onto paper or some other substrate, exposing this to light and most often in contact with a negative, and processing accordingly. Most of these processes were common at some point in history, but were supplanted by newer, “better” methods. “Alternative” and “historical” are generally used interchangeably, but there are alternative processes that have been around for a relatively short period of time though their roots are firmly based in historical formulas and procedures.

This is a juried exhibition of images made by various alternative/historical photographic processes.

June 13—July 11, 2015


Copyright © Jessica Somers

Copyright © Jessica Somers

Meditations on Being a Phoenix
Jessica Somers

The self-portraits in the series Meditations on Being a Phoenix use visual metaphors to relay the emotions and experiences from the artist’s life within a culture that participates in narrowly constructed ideals of what it means to be female, and considers how these constructs influence self-identity. The artwork combines photography with pigments and encaustic wax, which create surface marks that parallel the marks and impressions cultural expectations can make on an individual.

Funded in part by the Lesley University College of Art and Design Faculty Life and Development Committee.

May 2—June 2, 2015



Dance in MotionDance in Motion
Jeff Holcombe
Holly Spencer

Jeff Holcombe and Holly Spencer present two very different photographic interpretations of dance. Holcombe’s images imply motion through elegant dance forms in the environment, while Spencer’s images portray a fluidity of motion throughout a dance sequence.

March 7—April 4, 2015








ELEMENTAL: earth, air, water, fireElemental
Juror: Kate Jordahl

Earth, air, water, fire…these four classical elements were considered by many ancient philosophers to be the most basic components from which everything is made or upon which everything depends in order to exist. Throughout time, various religions, belief systems, and people have related to these elements in different ways.

This is a juried exhibition of images that involve earth, air, water, and fire. These images may be simply about the element itself, the relationship of one element to another, or the tangible or spiritual connection that humans have with these elements.

Kristina Battles  •  Susan Burns  •  Zack Carroll
Darin Conway  •  Nicole Cudzilo  •  Carly Fehlberg
Mark Franklin  •  Nelson Goodrich  •  Joseph Grunske
Jeff Holcombe  •  Robert C. Jenks  •  Veronica Lufbery
Stan Marchut  •  Laura McClanahan  •  Natalie Mund
Paul Osgood  •  Mallorie Ostrowitz  •  Tania Palermo
David Parmet  •  David Quinn  •  Anne-Marie Quinson
Eric Rennie  •  Lawrence Russ  •  Dan Shehan
Dan Thrasher  •  Anthony Tolonen  •  Bruce Van Valen
Bruce Williams  •  Anna Yeroshenko

January 17—February 12, 2015


5th Members' Show2014 Members’ Show

PhotoSynthesis showcases the work nearly four dozen of our members in our fifth annual exhibition. Art makes a great gift.

Showing PhotoSynthesis members include:

Patricia Balcom  •  Rober Belniak  •  Fred Bird
Lawrence Boblas  •  Christine Breslin  •  Susan Burns
Darin Conway  •  Peter Cooperman •  Nicole Cudzilo
Joseph Cunningham  •  Christine Dalenta  •  Amber Dietz
Michael Vaile Garner  •  Bill Georgian  •  Nancy Goodrich
Nelson Goodrich  •  Toby Gonzalez  •  Joseph Grunske
Sandy Hale  •  Jeff Holcombe  •  Kimberly Holliman
Chris Huestis  •  Kristy Joyce  •  Wendy Kern
Julie Konopka  •  Julianna Kristoff  •  Matt May
Joe McCarthy  •  Jack McConnell  •  Matt Montgomery
Benjamin Parker  •  Lawrence Russ  •  Frank Scalia
Michael Selissen  •  Steve Sherman  •  Michael Simonds
Jordan F. Smith  •  Holly Spencer  •  Luis Valentin
Steve Veilleux  •  Kenneth Ward  •  David Westlake
Bruce Williams

December 6, 2014–January 10, 2015.


Juror: Jessica Somers

Ravens tapping at the window. Mysterious moonlit landscapes. Spooky abandoned buildings. Creepy places. Ghostly portraits. Horror. Nightmares.

This is a juried exhibition of eerie images. These images may be inspired by the macabre writings of Edgar Allan Poe, reminiscent of the suspense films of Alfred Hitchcock, or come from a dark, creative place within the artist.

Dan Baird-Miller  •  Renee Chevalier  •  Angela Casagrande  •  Troy Colby  •  Barbara Dombach  Robert Dutruch  •  Brittonie Fletcher
Kathryn Frederick  •  Nelson Goodrich
Will Haun  •  Bonnie Holliday  •  Jarno Huttunen
Jennifer Kennedy  •  Natalie Kennedy  •  Kelsey Mitchell
Natalie Mund  •  Karen Piantek  •  Hillary Quella
Lori Remmel  •  Eric Rennie  •  Euphus Ruth
Nancy Rutowski  •  Sara Silks  •  Michael Simonds
Priscilla Smith  •  Amy Tiong  •  Stacie Turner

October 25–November 25, 2014.



Richard Popham and Michael Selissen bring us landscape images from both sides of the Atlantic. Popham’s sublime panoramic photographs show us the serenity of first light at Cape Cod and Bar Harbor, and Selissen’s ethereal black-and-white photographs immerse us in the haunting atmosphere of the Irish countryside.

September 23–October 18, 2014.





Scott Bulger

A true melding of 21st century technology and imagery with 19th century techniques. These large scale images mark a turning point in the career of Bulger as his work moves down a darker road, and asks more important questions.

July 8–August 16, 2014.




Contaminated LandscapeThe Contaminated Landscape
Juror: Keith Johnson

Landscapes have been an inspirational subject for photographers since the earliest days of the medium. Most would agree that those captured by William H. Jackson, Timothy O’Sullivan, Edward Weston, and Ansel Adams portray the earth in glorious fashion—sweeping vistas and pristine wilderness, where any sign of man melds harmoniously with nature.

This juried photography exhibition is about the contamination of the landscape, both physical and visual. It portrays the landscape’s struggles with the often heavy-handed interactions of humans. Those unadulterated views presented to us by the classic landscape photographers have become more difficult to find. We are left instead with a landscape that will forever include the forceful hand of man.

May 24–June 19, 2014.


Sandi Daniel

Sandi Daniel is an award-winning artist whose work has been exhibited extensively throughout the United States and Japan.

Meditations explores Ms. Daniel’s relationship with the ocean and its surrounding landscape, through a juxtaposition of ethereal seascape photographs and seaweed images transferred onto Japanese Unryu paper. That relationship is one of solitude and overwhelming tranquility.

April 19–May 17, 2014.


Shadow Tesselations

Shadow Tessellations
Christine Dalenta
Benjamin Parker

Artist Christine Dalenta and paper sculptor Benjamin Parker have just completed a unique collaboration combining paper folding and photographic techniques. Their process results in cameraless images, defined by folding. Since the very beginning of photography, artists have placed three-dimensional objects onto light-sensitive paper to form a representation in two dimensions. Known as photograms, this technique has enjoyed a resurgence in contemporary photography. Dalenta and Parker’s images are similar to photograms, but employ an original method where not only is there no camera, there is no object. The paper itself both modulates and records the light simultaneously. The term tessellation refers to geometric designs composed of identical shapes that fit together exactly.

March 15–April 10, 2014.


4th Members' Show2013 Members’ Show

PhotoSynthesis showcases the work nearly four dozen of our members in our fourth annual exhibition. Art makes a great gift.

Showing PhotoSynthesis members include:

Lawrence Boblas  •  Harvey Bordett  •  Christine Breslin
Susan Burns  •  Peter Cooperman  •  Peter J. Crowley
Christine Dalenta  •  Mark Franklin  •  Michael Vaile Garner
Toby Gonzalez  •  Nancy Goodrich  •  Nelson Goodrich
Joseph Grunske  •  Jeff Holcombe  •  Kimberly Holliman
Chris Huestis  •  Kristy Joyce  •  Wendy Kern
Judy Konopka  •  Julianna Kristoff  •  Ryan Liggett
Matthew Lin  •  Mary Kate LoPiccolo  •  Paul Lussier
Marissa Mancini  •  Matt May  •  Joe McCarthy
Megan McNeill  •  Bill Messmer  •  Hannah Minor
Solangel Patino  •  Rick Popham  •  Anne Quinson-Franklin
Sean Richardson  •  Lawrence Russ  •  Frank Scalia
Mike Selissen  •  Steve Sherman  •  Michael Simonds
Jordan F. Smith  •  Stacie Turner
Ken Ward  •  Bruce Williams

November 23, 2013–January 11, 2014


Members' Summer Show2013 Members’ Summer Exhibition

A selection of work by members of PhotoSynthesis. The focus of this exhibition is on unconventional photography, with images being printed by historical, alternative, or experimental processes, or taken by cameras of technologically rudimentary design.

Showing PhotoSynthesis members include:

Harvey Bordett  •  Christine Breslin  •  Mark Franklin
Anne Quinson-Franklin  •  Toby Gonzalez
Nancy Goodrich  •  Nelson Goodrich
Chris Huestis  •  Judy Konopka
Joe McCarthy  •  Stacie Turner

August 3–September 21, 2013.


Joe McCarthy

Laika was a Soviet space dog who became the first animal in space aboard the Sputnik 2 spacecraft which was launched on November 3, 1957.

Laika is a collection of kallitypes which depict the historical
aspects of the Sputnik 2 mission and then expounds upon its ambiguities. By intertwining the subtle heroics of the factual mission with outlandish deviations from it, the images become elaborate scenes of the space dog’s journey which takes on the adventure of the unknown and mankind’s need to explore.

May 11–June 1, 2013.


Barbara Dombach

Spiritus denotes spirit, soul, ghost, breath, courage, and vigor. It echoes abstactness of three-dimensional subjects.

Spiritus is an exhibition of wet plate collodion tintypes, a medium chosen by Dombach for its serendipity and for its unrepeatability.

April 6–May 4, 2013.



ThaliThali: Indian Moments
Nancy Goodrich
Nelson Goodrich

Thali – a Hindi word meaning “plate” – is an Indian meal made up of a selection of various dishes. Thali dishes vary from region to region, and are usually served in small bowls on a round tray. They typically include include rice, dhal, vegetables, roti, papad, yogurt, small amounts of chutney or pickle, and a sweet dish to top it off.

This exhibit is a selection of impressions – portraits, architecture, costume, street life – gathered over a month traveling in India. Nancy and Nelson Goodrich have made Ziatype prints to give a sense of ancient tradition found in contemporary life as well as the nostalgia of travel.

January 12–February 9, 2013.



3rd Members' Show2012 Members’ Show

PhotoSynthesis showcases the work of three dozen of our members in our third annual exhibition. Art makes a great gift.

Showing PhotoSynthesis members include:

Fred Bird  •  Lawrence Boblas  •  Harvey Bordett  •  Amy Brockman Susan Burns  •  Peter J. Crowley  •  Rachael Dioses • Michael Vaile Garner  •  Toby Gonzalez  •  Nancy Goodrich  •  Nelson Goodrich  •  Jim Hart  •  Jeff Holcombe
Kimberly Holliman  •  Chris Huestis  •  Michael Keo
Wendy Kern  •  Paul Lussier  •  Matt May  •  Joe McCarthy
Bill Messmer  •  Hunter Neal  •  Rick Popham
Adore Ramans  •  James Reeder
Lawrence Russ  •  Tracy Seigle  •  Mike Selissen
Steve Sherman  •  Michael Simonds  •  Jordan Smith
Stacie Turner  •  Steve Veilleux  •  Kenneth Ward
David Westlake  •  Bruce Williams

November 17, 2012–January 5, 2013.


In the Manufactured Landscape
Steve Sherman

Be it the grand landscape of the West or naturally formed abstracts where relationships of space and tonal contrast create a presence and dimensionality to his photographs; simplicity, balance, and clarity are the hallmarks of Sherman’s work.

October 13–November 10, 2012.



Passing TimePassing Time
Mark Mirko

A Personal Meditation on 2 Days Of Life and Loss.

September 8–October 6, 2012.










Lives Left BehindLives Left Behind: New Mexico
Mallorie Ostrowitz

A photographic vision of abandoned New Mexico towns.

July 28–August 31, 2012.


Fresh Faces 2012FRESH FACES/Fresh Images, 2012

Emerging young artists from the region’s high schools present their photography.

  • Bolton
  • East Hartford
  • Glastonbury
  • Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts
  • Rockville
  • Tolland

May 5–June 2, 2012.




A photography exhibition by the
Hartford Art School Junior Class.

April 10–April 21, 2012.


Latent MeaningsLatent Meanings
Harvey Bordett
Ravi Divvela
Nelson Goodrich
Neal Lippman
Hunter Neal
Houman Younessi

Combined abstract photographic works inspired by a wide range of subjects.

February 11–March 10, 2012.


2nd Members' Show2011 Members’ Show

PhotoSynthesis showcases the work of more than two dozen of our members. Art makes a great gift.

Showing PhotoSynthesis members include:

Fred Bird  •  Lawrence Boblas  •  Harvey Bordett
Susan Burns  •  Kevin Cox  •  Peter J. Crowley
Christine Dalenta  •  Mark Franklin
Nancy Goodrich  •  Nelson Goodrich
Jeff Holcombe Kimberly Holliman  •  Chris Huestis
Matthew Lin  •  Paul Lussier • Matt May
Joe McCarthy  •  Solangel Patino
Richard Popham  •  Bo Reeder  •  Tracy Seigle
Mike Selissen  •  Michael Simonds
Jordan Smith  •  Steve Veilleux  •  Kenneth Ward
Bruce Williams

November 19–December 17, 2011.


Expanding the OptionsExpanding the Options
Cheryl Cianci
Edith Royce Schade

Two artists who combine their unique visions of nature through photography combined with other mediums.

October 23–November 27, 2010.









Fresh Faces 2011FRESH FACES/Fresh Images, 2011

Emerging young artists from the region’s high schools present their photography.

  • Bolton
  • Ellington
  • Farmington
  • Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts
  • MacDonough 5th Grade Photo Club
  • Rockville
  • Tolland

May 14–June 11, 2011.


Gallery Free-for-All

We offered space on our gallery walls during the month of April, 2011 to anyone who wanted to show their photography. Each artist was limited to 3 pieces. There was no charge to show. We will periodically offer Gallery Free-for-all shows.



The New England Large Format Photography Collective (NELFPC) is a group of like minded photographers who have remained faithful to many traditional photographic processes. The use of Large Format & Ultra Large Format Cameras is essential to this groups’ approach in its photographic journey. Film is also a standard which finds all of us still working in a traditional darkroom. It is believed by this group that the perspective control of the large format cameras, combined with the ability to pre-visualize a scene that is photographed & controlling the range of contrast in the darkroom creates the fine art prints that will be viewed in this traditional photographic exhibit.

Showing NELFPC members include:

Matt Allard  •  Glenn Curtis  •  Marie Curtis
James Fuller  •  Dan Groth  •  Ken Hanson
Jack Holowitz  •  Tim Jones
David LaBella  •  Gene LaFord
Laszlo Perlaky  •  Ralph Phil
Robert Seto  •  Steve Sherman  •  Peter Wnek

February 12–March 13, 2011.


1st Members' Show1st Annual Members’ Show & Sale

Stop by to view the work of 21 of our members. Most art in this show is available for immediate sale, including framed photographs, matted prints, cards, posters, and crafts.

Showing PhotoSynthesis members include:

Victoria Bruno  •  Andrew Buck  •  Peter Crowley
Judyth Crystal • Christine Dalenta  •  Mark Franklin
Nancy Goodrich • Jeff Holcombe  •  Chris Huestis
Matt Longobardi  •  Paul Lussier • Matt May
Ed Mitchell  •  Bo Reeder  •  Chris Richie
Mike Selissen  •  Michael Simonds  •  Jordan Smith
Sam Spratlin  •  Steve Veilleux  •  Kenneth Ward

December 4, 2010–January 8, 2011.



New WorksNEW WORKS: Figure/Space
Todd Blais
Robert Calafiore

A photography exhibition of Cyanotypes and Chromogenic Pinhole Camera Prints.

October 23–November 27, 2010.







Nocturnal ViewNocturnal View:
A Night Photography Exhibition
Dan Baird-Miller

Color night photography blending analog and digital technology into a unique perspective of the world around us.

August 28–September 23, 2010.








Fresh Faces 2010FRESH FACES/Fresh Images, 2010

Emerging young artists from the region’s high schools present their photography.

  • Bolton
  • East Hartford
  • Ellington
  • Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts
  • Manchester
  • Rockville
  • Tolland

May 22–June 10, 2010.





2 Daughters2 Daughters, 2 Mothers
Nancy Goodrich
Jill Mass

Inspired by their mothers’ behaviors during their common journey with Alzheimer’s, artists Nancy Goodrich and Jill Mass created a series of very personal photographs. They used an alternative process, Ziatype, to represent the past and the softness of memory. “Though we have lost our moms, we remain connected to them through our shared past and our present. We have created simple images to reflect the simplicity of our mothers’ present lives as well as the sense of loss.”

March 6–April 10, 2010.


Kenneth Ward
Michael Simonds

Two views of the certainty of change.

January 16–February 28, 2010.




HomageHomage to Eugène Atget
Mallorie Ostrowitz

A photographic documentary of street scenes and architecture of France.

November 30, 2009–January 10, 2010.









Selected WorksSelected Works
Jessica Somers

Jessica’s self-interpretive work incorporates antique and alternative photographic processes.

August 1–September 5, 2009.




2 Islands2 Islands
Ed Mitchell

A collection of landscape photographs of Ireland and Martha’s Vineyard.

October 3–November 8, 2009.









Typologies, Topologies, and the Extended Image
Keith Johnson

Keith’s new work is about extending the photographic document beyond the single print. By presenting multiple images as units of a whole, the resulting narrative, time study, or comparison, creates a visual experience larger than the sum of individual parts.

May 7–June 5, 2009.


My New EnglandMy New England
Jack McConnell

B&W, color, and hand-painted photographs from 12 portfolios, including Winter Monochromes, At Water’s Edge, New England Stone Walls, and A Walk Down Main Street.

April 1–April 30, 2009.